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Jun 14

Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) for VoIP Service Providers

With the virtualization of computers and the availability of cloud computing resources across the globe, companies are finding that they no longer need to make enormous investments in infrastructure and software licensing in order to keep pace with the evolving market place. Today, companies can subscribe to advanced software and service offerings in such areas as customer relationship management (CRM), voice over IP (VoIP), Call Centers, and unified messaging, where they have access to the most advanced and up-to-date services and features on a monthly subscription basis, without the need to manage the technology themselves or make heavy financial investments that can adversely impact their cash flow and balance sheet.


Software-as-a-Service for VoIP is ideally suited for the small companies, new market entrants and entrepreneurs who want to deploy similar technology to the larger, more established providers but cannot afford the capital outlay for product licensing, infrastructure, and/or human resources. Software-as-a-Service offers many competitive advantages for the provider primarily allowing them to focus on their marketing and revenue streams, while having the peace of mind that the infrastructure is always current and operational.


For those just starting out in VoIP and looking to develop local or remote markets, SaaS plays an invaluable role as it lets the service provider step out further with their marketing initiatives instead of tying up scarce and valuable capital building an infrastructure around a business that may or may not be successful. In the short term, SaaS lets providers enter a marketplace and test the viability of a business plan without over commitment and with a better chance of success through the preservation of working capital.