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May 31

Verizon's Wholesale VoIP Services Showing Strong Growth

Verizon's Global Wholesale VoIP service, with a base of more than 700 wholesale VoIP customers, experienced 200% growth in 2009, compared with the previous year. "Since we launched our VoIP portfolio 10 years ago, we've seen steady growth reflecting customer desire for reliable, cost-effective IP voice services," said Mike Millegan, president of Verizon Global Wholesale. "And, as this market grows, we continue to add new VoIP services while enhancing our existing portfolio."

In addition Verizon's Wireless division might be the first major U.S. telecom provider to shift all of its users from legacy voice to VoIP by 2012, at least for its LTE network. “By 2012 the voice we sell on LTE will be VoIP,” Lowell McAdam, Verizon Wireless CEO.

As we mentioned back in January when AT&T asked the FCC to set a firm deadline for a complete move to an all IP network and an end to the PSTN, the move to an all IP communications network has always been a question of “when” and not “if”. With Verizon's VoIP network growth, their near-term plans, and with SIP trunking expected to grow at 89 percent cumulative average growth rate between now and 2013 according to Diane Myers, Infonetics directing analyst, the move appears to be in full swing.