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Aug 12

Synectiv Ltd. Deploys IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP Mobility™ Convergent Billing and Value Added Services Solution for Advanced Product and Services Growth

Los Angeles, CA – August 12, 2015 – IVR Technologies is a leading software development company in the mobile and next-generation carrier network for mobile and Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, is pleased to announce that Synectiv Ltd., a leading MVNE and VoIP provider has upgraded to IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP Mobility™ solution, on which to base their full suite of mobile and VoIP carrier service offerings. IVR Technologies’ solution provides Synectiv with a scalable, redundant and reliable platform complete with an innovative and in-demand suite of revenue generating mobile and VoIP value added services.   

With the upgrade to Talking SIP Mobility™, Synectiv can now provide subscribers with a single account which can be used across a wealth of services and access methods.  In-demand services supported include; voicemail, find me/follow me, conferencing, integrated OTT softphone services, hosted PBX, hosted inbound call center and much more.  Talking SIP Mobility’s unmatched level of mobile and VoIP convergence, real-time billing, and suite of value added services increases subscriber retention, drives network profitability and positions Synectiv to adapt quickly to market conditions and the competition. 

Designed for the MVNA, MVNE, MVNO, and M2M mobile carrier, Talking SIP Mobility provides secure multi-tenancy provisioning to host an unlimited number of MVNOs with their own branded subscriber web portal.   As a turnkey solution Synectiv Ltd. now has the ability to rapidly turn-up new MVNOs, each with their own billing plans, service offerings and web presence.   As a convergent billing and value added services platform Talking SIP Mobility seamlessly bridges the mobile network with the SIP protocol so that Synectiv Ltd. has complete control over how they originate and terminate call traffic to/from their mobile and VoIP networks.   

"After considerable industry due diligence Synectiv selected IVR Technologies, Inc. and their Talking SIP Mobility platform in order to build our next generation of mobile and VoIP value-added service offerings.  The unmatched level of convergence across multiple signaling protocols and services, coupled with an industry leading, real-time billing engine and turnkey subscriber web portal gave Synectiv a market advantage for offering in-demand subscriber services with a centralized account for Voice, Data and SMS billing”. Takiraza Mithwani, CEO, Synectiv Ltd.. 

“Talking SIP Mobility is the culmination of a significant capital investment and years of development effort to bring the application, media and billing services of the Talking SIP platform to the mobile core network.  This release provides all of the proven and field-hardened carrier-class services of Talking SIP to the MVNA and MVNE next-generation network.  Mobile aggregators and enablers now have a fully integrated multi-services and convergent billing platform to allow them to maintain a competitive edge in their delivery of innovative mobile services that can leverage VoIP to drive down costs, enhance reliability, and improve profitability.  

Talking SIP Mobility helps IVR Technologies reinforce its leadership position of providing the best carrier-class enhanced services and billing platform on which to build a successful global mobile business.” said Randall Walrond, Vice-President of Product Development, IVR Technologies, Inc.  


About IVR Technologies 

IVR Technologies is a leading software development company in the mobile and next-generation carrier network for mobile and Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions.

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About Synectiv

Synectiv is a leading MVNE specializing in MVNO, Global Roaming and Multi-IMSI Solutions as a hosted or turnkey solution.

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