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Feb 23

What are the Three T’s of Telecom?

To be successful Communication Service Providers (CSP’s) must be agile, flexible, well priced and offer high quality services.  That is why it is more important now than ever before to build your network services on a platform that supports your current service offerings yet is robust and extensible so that you can compete well into the future. 

IVR Technologies' Real-Time Billing Cloud is designed to provide CSP’s with the apps, API’s and billing capabilities they need to offer competitive, in-demand services in the mobile, VoIP and satellite segments of telecom. 

So what are the three T’s of Telecom?

  • Tandem switching: The Tandem app provides class 4 tandem switching where calls are answered and authenticated, rated, routed and then rapidly terminated through the cloud to any end point. The Tandem app utilizes The Real-Time Billing Cloud’s billing engine to maintain billing and call detail records for each call on a prepaid, postpaid or credit limited basis. Account authorization can be performed based on a specified account, DNIS, ANI or IP address.
  • Termination: The Termination and Redirection app allows the termination of local, toll or toll-free calls to registered users or optional phone numbers, as well as provides Class 5 features like call forwarding, selective call forwarding and blocking, busy return, speed dials and last called/calling party information. All Class 5 features can be managed via voice guided prompts, DMTF key sequences or through our End User Web Interface. The Termination and Redirection app allows prompt and efficient redirection of local, toll and toll-free numbers to various termination numbers without the traditional delay and overhead. The Termination and Redirection app also provides full billing and accounting of all traffic that passes through each local, toll or toll-free number.
  • Trunking: The Trunking app supports the ability to provide SIP Trunking services to CSP’s and enterprise customers (PBX) aggregating traffic and then providing cost-effective and efficient local and/or long distance termination services.  The Trunking app offers real-time call rating and CDR generation greatly enhancing the competitive advantage for offering flexible, creative and attractive calling plans while reducing the administrative overhead of having to post rate and mediate CDR’s from disparate systems.  Our integrated and real-time approach frees up human resources to concentrate on building the business and the brand while avoiding having to manually manage system data.  Advanced routing capabilities allow full control and rating of calls placed to sip trunk providers.

For over a decade, IVR Technologies has been helping CSPs worldwide implement revenue generating services with robust authentication and real-time billing capabilities that drive revenue, improve profitability, limit fraud and build subscriber loyalty.