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Feb 20

JT Group Limited deploys IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP Mobility™ MVNE Solution for Advanced Product and Services Growth

Los Angeles, CA – Feb 20, 2018 – IVR Technologies, a leading software development company in the mobile and next-generation carrier network for mobile and Voice over IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, is pleased to announce that JT Group Limited and its eKit travel brand have deployed IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP Mobility™ solution. JT Group Limited is using the Talking SIP Mobility solution for their full suite of in-house and white label online retail and travel retail products and services brands. IVR Technologies’ solution provides JT Group Limited with a scalable, redundant and reliable platform complete with an innovative and in-demand suite of revenue generating mobile and VoIP value-added services.  

Designed for the MVNA, MVNE, MVNO, and M2M mobile carrier, Talking SIP Mobility provides secure multi-tenancy provisioning for hosting an unlimited number of white label MVNOs, each with their own branded subscriber web portal. As a turnkey solution, JT Group Limited can now rapidly turn-up new MVNOs, each with their own billing plans, service offerings and web presence. As a converged billing and value-added services platform, Talking SIP Mobility seamlessly bridges the mobile network with next-generation SIP networks so that JT Group Limited has complete control over how they originate and terminate call traffic to/from their mobile and VoIP networks to maximize access, call quality, cost reduction and redundancy.  

"The launch of the Talking SIP Platform, in collaboration with IVR Technologies, represents a significant improvement for JT Group Limited in the onboarding process for customers looking to create data, voice and SMS products, powered by JT's 660+ roaming agreements.  The platform enables JT's customers to deploy complex pricing plans and data bundles in mere hours rather than days or weeks, while allowing JT Group Limited to bring scale to what was previously a resource-intensive process," said Paul Duggan, Global Head of Sales, JT Group Limited/ekit.

“Talking SIP Mobility is the culmination of a significant capital investment and years of development effort to bring the application, media and billing services of the Talking SIP platform to the mobile core network. Talking SIP Mobility provides all of the proven and field-hardened carrier-class services of Talking SIP to the MVNE next-generation network. Mobile Virtual Network Enablers now have a fully integrated multi-services and convergent billing platform to allow them to maintain a competitive edge in their delivery of innovative mobile services that can leverage VoIP to drive down costs, enhance reliability and improve profitability,” said Randall Walrond, Vice-President of Product Development, IVR Technologies, Inc.  

About IVR Technologies 

IVR Technologies is a leading software development company in the mobile, satellite and next-generation carrier network for enhanced services and real-time billing solutions.

Talking SIP Mobility offers a turnkey and feature-rich MVNE convergent billing and value-added services solution ideally suited for Communication Service Providers (CSPs) who wish to offer mobile services with global roaming capability, intelligent CAMEL & VoIP routing for complete call control and profit maximization as well as multi-IMSI roaming services that are tightly coupled with real-time prepaid, postpaid and credit limited voice, data and SMS billing. Please send reader inquiries to: 

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About JT Group Limited/ekit

JT (formerly Jersey Telecom) is a full-service global consumer and business enterprise provider headquartered in the Channel Islands. As part of the JT Group, ekit supports and operates its own global infrastructure with points of presence in Melbourne, Los Angeles, London and Jersey (Channel Islands).

JT offers a range of world-class services, including voice and data; consultancy; co-location; data hosting; internet; security; cloud back-up; fixed and mobile technologies; eGaming; Cloud Services (IaaS); fully managed IT services; and wholesale solutions. JT is a global leader in IoT connectivity and there are now over 1.4m JT IoT SIMs worldwide, connecting devices from heart monitors in Canada to payment systems in East Africa. 

JT employs over 600 staff across 11 global locations, providing products and services to over 1m global consumer subscribers and 2,200 active business customers.

ekit is the most innovative developer of telecommunication solutions for people who travel and is dedicated to delivering world-class services, from fully bespoke roaming solutions to unrivalled 24/7 customer support in 7 languages. With extensive experience in both online retail and travel retail, ekit is the partner of choice for extending a brand to include mobile roaming solutions for customers.

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