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Oct 15

Windows Phone 7

Microsoft has announced the availability in the coming weeks for its completely new next-generation mobile operating system. The Windows Phone 7 operating system differs from its rivals by organizing activities around hubs rather than individual applications to assist disorganized users. This new OS uses tiles rather than icons, letting users see essential information and real time updates without requiring specific programs to be opened.


In the US, Microsoft's phones will be available on carriers AT&T and T-Mobile, in Canada on TELUS, and in Europe the launch partners include 02, Orange, SFR, Movistar, Deutsche Telekom and VodaFone. In the Asia-Pacific region Singtel, Telstar and Vodafone will lead the Windows Phone 7 charge, while America Movil will offer the phones in Mexico.


In a recent study, research firm IDC placed the market share of Windows mobile operating systems at 6.8 percent, behind Symbian, which took the top spot, Research in Motion's Blackberry OS, Google's Android and Apple's iOS. IDC expects upcoming Windows mobile operating systems to help Microsoft regain market share, reaching 9.8 percent by 2014.