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Dec 1

M2M Among Trending Tech with Big Futures

As we get closer to the new year, there are a couple of technologies that are going to be big time trenders in 2014. Most of the top technologies in 2014 are those that serve dual purposes, technology that can help people at home and help businesses do their jobs are going to be big next year and beyond. Verizon Enterprises recently put a report together that pointed out some of the top trending technologies heading into the new year. Prominently included in those technologies was an ever expanding and evolving Machine-to-Machine (M2M) market.

There have been numerous reports that the M2M market is only going to be growing in the coming years. One such report estimates that as many as 13.8 million consumer level M2M devices will be shipped by the end of 2017. With that many devices landing in consumers hands, the only real roadblock to an all out breakout for the tech is lingering security concerns.

Security is a concern in the tech world in general, mostly because it seems as though hackers are getting cleverer and more dogged. Just as soon as tech companies find a way to adapt their technology to keep malware and hackers out, those same hackers find a new way to get in. Verizon believes these continued high profile attacks on the tech sector are going to find new ways to approach cyber security.

The cloud will be able to benefit from these developments the same way that M2M solutions will. When it comes to the evolution of M2M technologies and devices, the first task is to nail down security protocols. Once that is done, industry bigwigs like Verizon seem to believe that M2M tech is only going to make it easier to get online. That is good news for companies that produce M2M technology for the consumer and corporate world. 

Source: M2M Evolution