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Aug 1

How mobility as a service relates to the changing face of enterprise mobility

  Managed mobility services, or mobility as a service (MaaS), is an area of enterprise mobility which feels almost hot and cold at the same time: while awareness is low, the opportunity is high. The idea is great on paper. Analyst firm Ovum put together a research report highlighting the six key components of an end to end enterprise mobility… Read more
Jul 15

Global Mobile Data Revenues to Reach $630 Billion by 2020 - Park Associates

A Parks Associates industry report estimates global mobile data revenue will increase from $386 billion in 2015 to $630 billion in 2020, with most of the revenue growth in the Asia & Pacific region and the rest of the world. North America and Western Europe will see only minimal growth, and in the U.S. especially, alternatives such as Wi-Fi have… Read more
Jul 13

Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) market size is forecast to generate USD 89.25 billion revenue by 2022: Global Market Insights Inc.

    Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) market size worth $89.25 billion by 2022; as per a new research report by Global Market Insights, Inc.  Growing disposable income and growing migrating population, particularly from Asia Pacific, for education and employment is expected to drive the global MVNO market.  Operators offer numerous… Read more
Jul 1

Cable MVNOs face major challenges in a competitive market

  The mobile and wireline industries are set to collide as some cable companies appear to be gearing up to launch wireless services. But there's little reason to expect the mobile landscape to be radically overhauled anytime soon. Comcast (NASDAQ: CMCSA), the world's largest cable TV company by revenue, executed on its MVNO deal with Verizon… Read more
Jun 15

Global LTE subscribers double to 1.29 billion – GSA

LTE uptake is continuing to grow at an impressive rate as Q1 2016 saw subscriptions worldwide double to 1.29 billion, according to the GSA. Figures released by the Global mobile Suppliers Association suggest LTE is currently growing faster than any other mobile communications technology. Earlier this year the number of LTE subscriptions rose above… Read more
Jun 1

Wi-Fi Calling and Why Voice Still and Will Matter

There is a tendency for all of us in the communications industry when we think about not just the future but the present of networks and their traffic to, in essence, marginalize, and in some cases write-off, voice communications.  After all, as the world goes all-IP, voice becomes a commodity, the next generation workforce appears voice-averse… Read more
May 20

CallCabinet Offers Compliant Call Recording for IVR Technologies’ Talking SIP™ with Atmos

CallCabinet’s Atmos Integration provides IVR Technologies’ customers with a cloud-based, multi-tenant, certified and compliant call recording solution

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May 15

Telecom IPX is Hot Topic at International Telecoms Week

Telecom IPX is a hot topic, as the results of a survey presented at International Telecoms Week in Chicago yesterday revealed. In a survey of global telecom wholesalers conducted by Capacity Media, 69% cited IP exchange (IPX) as a game changing technology that was on their company’s roadmap, beating out six other technology options. Following… Read more
May 2

Europe closer to abolishing roaming fees with more price caps

Europe has taken another step towards abolishing roaming costs for consumers by introducing more price caps on calls, SMS and data usage. As of 30th April, roaming rates for operators in Europe will be capped to a greater extent. Calls and data will be limited to €0.05 per minute/Mb, while SMS will be capped at €0.02 per message. The European… Read more
Apr 26

IVR Technologies, Inc. Partners with Acrobits, S.R.O. for Integrated OTT SIP Softphone and WebRTC Client Solutions

The Acrobits Cloud Softphone client has been integrated with the Talking SIP convergent billing and enhanced services platform, giving Communication Service Providers (CSPs) an affordable, feature-rich and cohesive solution for providing subscribers with a fully branded client that facilitates bi-directional voice services over Wi-Fi, mobile, and data networks. 

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