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Apr 15

In-Flight Mobile Roaming to be Major Part of Roaming Revenue

A flight can represent a great opportunity to get some work done. A long time spent in an enclosed space is tailor-made for hopping online and checking email, or even just catching up on a Netflix, YouTube, or any other online video backlog. That means a clear demand for in-flight roaming, and a new report from Juniper Research says that in-flight… Read more
Apr 1

The Power of Convergence

One of the latest advancements in mobile technology is the convergence of next-generation voice over IP services into the mobile core network.  This convergence facilitates the augmentation of existing subscriber services with rich class 4 and class 5 features such as third-party call control, visual voice mail, WiFi Calling, and over the top… Read more
Mar 15

Cellphone Use Survey: Voice Still Most Important

Just over half of 5,000 U.S. adults (51%) responding to a recent cellphone use survey would think about switching mobile service providers if signal quality was poor, according to new market research results from Global Wireless Solutions (GWS). Results also revealed that voice calls were the most important aspect of the mobile telecom experience… Read more
Mar 14

International Telecoms Week (ITW) May 9 - 10 2016 Hyatt Regency, Chicago IL

IVR Technologies, Inc. will be attending International Telecoms Week (ITW) at the Hyatt Regency in Chicago, IL May 9 - 10 2016. Please contact to coordinate meeting times.

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Mar 1

So you want to be an MVNE?

Mobile Virtual Network Enablers (MVNEs) are instrumental in providing the backbone necessary to rapidly launch an MVNO brand with the least amount of financial investment. An MVNO who leverages the infrastructure of an MVNE is commonly called a “Light MVNO”, as that MVNO does not need to invest in nor manage any of their own infrastructure. The… Read more
Feb 1

Benefits of a Real-time, multi-IMSI M2M – IoT Platform

M2M and IoT services are facilitated through SIM-enabled devices that are deployed in local markets and/or throughout the world.  When devices move out of the local home network, device roaming can occur thereby changing the service delivery cost structure. The ability to localize a SIM, when the operator that it latches to is no longer the home… Read more
Jan 15

So You Want to Build Subscriber Loyalty?

Subscriber loyalty is a critical component to the success and longevity for any Communications Service Provider’s business -- without loyalty the provider is certain to fail.  So how does a Communications Service Provider (CSP) build subscriber loyalty?  Solid service at a competitive price – A competitive price will attract subscribers, but… Read more
Jan 4

What Ever Happened to Signaling System Internet (8?)

Our friends at Xura sent over a compilation of security studies that are always a fun read. (That is, if you define “fun” like a roller coaster that occasionally has to be shut down for repairs and investigations.) The study by Positive Technologies is a year old but the problem is an ongoing one for the industry.  Here is the primary issue in… Read more