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May 24

IVR Technologies, Inc. Announces the Availability of Talking SIP Cirrus - a Software as a Service Solution

IVR Technologies, a leading software developer of IP enhanced services and real-time billing solutions, announced today the availability of Talking SIP Cirrus.  Talking SIP Cirrus is a software-as-a-service solution that leverages the Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2) to provide in-demand enhanced services, media processing and real-time billing to next-generation service providers around the world.

By removing the capital and IT intensive aspects of running a next-generation network, Talking SIP Cirrus allows a service provider to launch timely and competitive services at greatly reduced cost and overhead as a direct result of the SaaS model.  Since there is no hardware, operating systems or database software to buy or license precious capital and human resources can be re-directed to focus on sales, marketing and the other commercial areas of the business instead of the demanding technical aspects of running a facilities-based next-generation network. 

Talking SIP Cirrus is built on the award-winning and globally deployed Talking SIP platform, offering many of the same feature rich applications that work to provide the next-generation network operator with numerous in-demand and revenue generating services that are field proven and that power leading carriers' networks around the world.  Since Talking SIP Cirrus resides in the Internet cloud, turn-up is almost immediate and access and control are always at your finger tips.

Some of the distinct advantages of the Talking SIP Cirrus SaaS model include: 

  • Improves Cash Flow. Since there is no hardware, operating systems or database software to buy or staff requirements to manage the infrastructure, Talking SIP Cirrus offers tremendous savings that can be directed towards driving your marketing initiatives and building your subscriber base.
  • Go to Market Advantage. Talking SIP Cirrus is a service-ready offering so you have a time-to-market advantage that lets you immediately deploy a running business to attract and service subscribers.
  • Professionally Managed Service. Talking SIP Cirrus is a managed service that is operated by our highly skilled team of developers and senior-level technicians, to ensure your network is always operational and running on the latest service packs and releases embodying the latest feature set and functionality.

The following are a list of Talking SIP Cirrus services that can be deployed today:

  • Prepaid and Postpaid Calling Cards
  • Conferencing
  • Callback
  • Mobile Callback and Direct Dial
  • Find Me/Follow Me
  • Call Center/Contact Center Attendant, ACD, and Call Queuing
  • Web and IVR-based E-commerce

Talking SIP Cirrus includes a rich and graphical management interface that is accessible via a browser for secure and responsive access to the network.  The management interface provides complete account management access for such operations as automated account generation, billing plans management, IVR menu management, and find me/follow me scheduling.  This interface also provides system administration for access point management, service termination, termination, routing and so much more.

Talking SIP Cirrus offers an optional End-user web interface portal which can be quickly and easily branded. This portal provides subscribers with the ability to set ANI authentication, speed dials, find me schedules, setup reservation or reservation less conference bridges, browse real-time billing records, and signup and/or recharge account balance.

Feature rich and affordable, the Talking SIP Cirrus service is priced based on capacity, implementation and applications.  There is a nominal one-time setup fee required to install, configure and provision the service and then there is an extremely affordable prepaid monthly fee for the state-of-the-art service, which may be cancelled at any time with thirty day's notice.

"Talking SIP has an efficient architecture that allows it to operate effectively in virtual environments. Leveraging Amazon EC2 allows us to offer our carrier-grade solution in an extremely cost-effective and efficient manner.  In today's highly competitive market with extremely scarce capital, Talking SIP Cirrus allows challenged service-providers with an opportunity to quickly and efficiently deploy a leading next-generation platform with very little capital and risk that includes a time-to-market advantage as well as a migration path to a facilities-based solution once a business or market has proven itself." said Randall Walrond, VP Product Management, IVR Technologies, Inc.  


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